It was a safe space to share emotions and use this to move forward together

It helped me understand my partner’s fears, needs and wants in a safe environment

Do it! 

You won't

regret it

A safe space to express emotions.

It's incredibly valuable

Learning about raw spots and the impact they have on our relationship

The workshop was well paced and was delivered in a way that was easy to understand.

I liked seeing videos of couples to demonstrate how the work could be done

The workshop was an open safe space to discuss (things) without any expectations or pressure

I've got renewed hope for a positive future

The workshop deals with very sensitive and difficult subjects deftly and with care

This course is well organised by experienced and knowledgable facitliators who make it easier to have difficult conversations

About the facilitators...

I found the facilitators support very valuable

A safe space to go into deeper feelings and being able to share them with each other

At no time did I feel forced to participate

It was helpful to see other couples going through the same issues and

I valued the encouraging help from the therapists

I really appreciated the Facilitators help and staying with the awkward moments

About the exercises...

The couples exercises were eye-opening. A safe space for us to be vulnerable without the other one becoming defensive or reactive in a negative way. They were truly healing

 They varied in how difficult  and uncomfortable they were, but I appreciated that they attempted to ease us in to it

The exercises:

Difficult, draining but necessary

They helped us find a different way of communicating

Exercises: Challenging even though each exercise got deeper and more emotional, it actually got easier to do the exercises

Myself and my partner had completely detached from each other on an emotional level. This course gave us a safe space to truly heal and acknowledge the pain we have caused each other. We never felt pressure to share with the group, were given time and space to have the 7 conversations and help and support was available when needed.  In 48 hours we have reconnected on levels I did not feel possible. I’m going home content

Thank you very much. Lots of food for thought and we will hopefully continue the conversations. Very informative, emotional and helpful. Thank you for all your hard won dedication

Having never done anything like this before I was anxious and scared. I didn’t know what to expect from the course or from myself. The faciliators did an amazing job of creating an open/safe and non judgemental space for you and your partner to open up to each other

The workshop reassured me that our relationship problems were normal and not uncommon. That we weren’t incompatible, just stuck for ways to truly communicate how we are both feeling. Sharing these feelings with other couples made me feel less alone and consequently a lot stronger

When I was asked to attend the course by my partner I tried to make every excuse to get out of it as the whole notion seemed alien and uncomfortable. Although difficult, I am so glad that I agreed and wish I had done this sooner