This programme of relationship education and enhancement is a streamlined version of Emotionally Focused Therapy, developed by Dr Sue Johnson. It follows the structure of her book entitled Hold Me Tight.

The course takes couples through seven conversations that capture the key aspects of love relationships and how to shape these moments of connection to create a secure and lasting bond. The course offers space and support for couples to begin these conversations together privately during the sessions.


Recognising Demon Dialogues: In this first conversation, couples identify their negative and destructive patterns of arguing and find what each other is really trying to say.

Finding the Raw Spots: Here, each partner learns to look beyond immediate, impulsive reactions and to determine what raw spots are being hit.

Revisiting a Rocky Moment: This conversation provides a platform for de-escalating conflict, repairing rifts, and building emotional safety.

Hold Me Tight: The heart of the programme, this phase moves partners towards being more accessible, emotionally responsive, and deeply engaged with each other.

Forgiving Injuries: Injuries may be forgiven but they never disappear. Instead, they need to become integrated into a couple’s conversations as demonstrations of renewal and connection. Knowing how to find and offer forgiveness empowers couples to strengthen the bond.

Bonding Through Sex and Touch: At this stage, couples find how emotional connection leads to great sex, and how great sex creates deeper emotional connection.

Keeping Your Love Alive: This last conversation is built on the understanding that love is a continual process of losing and regaining emotional connection. It asks couples to be deliberate and mindful about maintaining their connection.

  • Presentations by experts in Emotionally Focused Couples Therapy
  • Video illustrations of the important principles
  • Class exercises for you and your partner to work on
  • Group discussions
  • Homework exercises
During the course, you and your partner will work privately on your relationship through guided exercises. There is no need for either of you to share your conversations or thoughts with others in the group but there is opportunity to do so if you wish: it can be inspiring and supporting to see other couples grappling with similar issues.